Campaign for Real Ale

Campaign for Real Ale


What is LocAle?
The Locale initiative was introduced in 2007 by the Nottingham Branch of Camra, who were concerned about local traditions of brewing traditions of brewing in the Nottinghamshire area following the demise of the local Hardys and Hansons brewery. The second part of the initative was to reduce the amount of beer miles that the beer travels from the brewery to the pub, a green issue that Camra nationally are now happy to be proud of.

Since the launch, consumers have a wider choice of locally brewed beer that gives the area identity, for serving beers with a greater diversity of tastes that can be appreciated. With sales of locally brewed real ale on the increase, this can only generate more interest from licensees to stock more locally brewed real ale.

Definition of Local
The Sustainable Communities Act, which CAMRA strongly supports, provides a definition of local as up to 30 miles from the point of sale. CAMRA recommends that the distance is calculated from the pub to the brewery and should be based on the shortest driving distance. Real ales from regional and national breweries as well as from microbreweries can be regarded as "local" if they are brewed within what the branch has decided as being the local area.

How does a publican get the locAle accreditation?

  • That they will endeavour to ensure at least one locally brewed real ale is on sale at all times
  • Only real ale, as defined by CAMRA, can be promoted as a CAMRA LocAle
  • By keeping their real ale in an acceptable quality

Birmingham Branch LocAle Pubs

  • Birmingham
    • Anchor Telephone(0121) 622 4516 308 Bradford Street Birmingham B5 6ET
    • Bacchus Telephone(0121) 632 5445 Burlington Arcade, New Street Birmingham B2 4JH
    • Black Eagle Telephone(0121) 523 4008 16 Factory Road Birmingham B18 5JU
    • Black Horse Telephone(0121) 477 1800 Bristol Road South Birmingham B31 2QT
    • Burning Soul Brewery Telephone(0121) 439 7253 Unit 1 Mott Street Industrial Estate Birmingham B19 3HE
    • Cherry Reds Telephone(0121) 643 5716 88-92 John Bright Street Birmingham B1 1BN
    • Country Girl Telephone(0121) 472 7639 1 Raddlebarn Road Birmingham B29 6HJ
    • Craven Arms Telephone(0121) 643 2852 47 Upper Gough Street Birmingham B1 1JG
    • Dark Horse Telephone(0121) 449 6300 146-147 Alcester Road Birmingham B13 8JP
    • Dig Brew Telephone(0121) 773 2111 43 River Street Birmingham B5 5SA
    • Elizabeth Of York Telephone(0121) 442 5250 12A St Marys Row Birmingham B13 8JG
    • Figure of Eight Telephone(0121) 633 0917 236-239 Broad Street Birmingham B1 2HG
    • Good Intent Telephone(0121) 572 5788 32-33 Great Western Arcade Birmingham B2 5HU
    • Green Man Telephone(0121) 428 3581 2 High Street Birmingham B17 9NE
    • Gunmakers Arms Telephone(0121) 236 8486 93 Bath Street Birmingham B4 6HG
    • Hare & Hounds Telephone(0121) 444 2081 106 High Street Birmingham B14 7JZ
    • Head of Steam Telephone(0121) 643 6824 Somerset House, 36 Temple Street Birmingham B2 5DP
    • Inn on the Green Telephone(0121) 708 0108 2 Westley Road Birmingham B27 7UH
    • Lamp Tavern Telephone(0121) 688 1220 157 Barford Street Birmingham B5 6AH
    • Old Contemptibles Telephone(0121) 200 3310 176 Edmund Street Birmingham B3 2HB
    • Old Moseley Arms Telephone(0121) 440 1954 53 Tindal Street Birmingham B12 9QU
    • One Trick Pony Club Telephone(0121) 442 3901 93A Alcester Road Birmingham B13 8DD
    • Pear Tree Telephone(0121) 441 6710 25-27 Alcester Road South Birmingham B14 7JQ
    • Plough Telephone(0121) 427 3678 21 High Street Birmingham B17 9NT
    • Post Office Vaults Telephone(0121) 643 7354 84 New Street Birmingham B2 4BA
    • Prince of Wales Telephone(0121) 449 4198 118 Alcester Road Birmingham B13 8EE
    • Pub Du Vin Telephone(0121) 200 0600 25 Church Street Birmingham B3 2NR
    • Pure Craft Bar & Kitchen Telephone(0121) 237 5666 30 Waterloo Street Birmingham B2 5TJ
    • Red Lion Telephone(0121) 233 9144 95 Warstone Lane Birmingham B18 6NG
    • Selly Park Tavern Telephone(0121) 472 4392 592 Pershore Road Birmingham B29 7HQ
    • Shakespeare Telephone(0121) 236 8702 31 Summer Row Birmingham B3 1JJ
    • Spotted Dog Telephone(0121) 772 3822 104 Warwick Street Birmingham B12 0NH
    • Village Telephone(0121) 449 7664 179 Alcester Road Birmingham B13 8JR
    • Wellington Telephone(0121) 200 3115 37 Bennetts Hill Birmingham B2 5SN
    • White Horse Telephone(0121) 608 7641 2 York Street Birmingham B17 0HG
    • Woodman Telephone(0121) 643 4960 New Canal Street Birmingham B5 5LG